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Open to beginners, novices and experts alike, our mission is to offer recreation, competition, and good fellowship in a social yet professional environment.

Located at Randall Airport, Middletown, N.Y., just 5 minutes off exit 3 of I-84, we operate from April through December, Saturdays, Sundays and most  Monday holidays. We start operations about 10:30am. Sorry we do not fly during the week.
Glider rides and intro packages are available to the public. We do not take reservations. Rides are first come first served. Intro flights will be scheduled in order of sign-up and fit into our normal training operation.

Come visit us and experience the thrill of Soaring!

Thank you for visiting the Valley Soaring Club, a non-profit club of soaring enthusiasts who share an unbridled passion for blue skies and the thrill of riding the wind like a bird in flight.  We provide affordable facilities, equipment and professional instruction. Our goal is promote and safely practice the exciting sport of soaring.

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