Silver Distance - 50KM (31.07sm)

Task: Middletown NY (06N) - Blairstown NJ (1N7)
The trip to Blairstown is a great route for a first X-C, lots of airports along the way to land at just in case. Take the Valley route or follow the ridge southwest from the monument to the Big Pipes sticking out of the hill. The calculated great circle distance is 71KM so there is a reasonable safety margin.

Even better, Blairstown has a glider operation and a restaurant on the field. So there will be a welcoming comittee and somewhere to grab a bite to eat while waiting for your retrieve crew. Or, if the day is still strong, get a sign-off, buy a tow, and come on home.

Task Info:

Distance: 71KM (45sm/39nm)
Max Release(1% Rule): 2729 MSL
True Course: 225
Mag Course: 238

Checkpoints show NM remaining

Destination Information

Full Airport Info: 1N7
Elevation: 372ft
Runway: 7/25 (3100ft)

Please review the
Blairstown Landing Pattern Diagram

Use the Task Planner to prepare your declaration forms.

Just for fun - 100K (62.14sm)

Task: Local Chain
OK, we don't need to give you any fancy maps for this one. String the following local turnpoints together and you will have covered over 100KM without ever leaving familiar ground or getting much more than 25 miles from home. Now string two circuits together and your just about ready for the big flight.

When you get done post your time (honor system) on the club discussion forum, we'll keep track.

TP Elev Freq RWay Leg Cum
Lewis Landing(NK79) 880 n/a - Pvt 8/26 11.6 11.6
Wurtsboro (N82) 560 122.8 5/23 20.8 32.4
Ellenville (N89) 560 122.8 4/22 16.0 48.4
Kobelt (6NK4) 420 122.8 3/21 23.1 71.5
Orange County (MGJ) 365 122.7 3/21 & 8/26 17.0 88.5
Randall (06N) 523 122.8 8/26 13.9 102.4

Gold Distance - 300K (186.3sm)

Task: Middletown NY (06N) - Kingston NY (20N) - Gap View PA (49PA) - Middletown NY (06N)
This course builds on the Silver distance course by a long way. But, if you've flown both of the above courses you won't be covering too much new ground so you are unlikely to get lost.

Again there are plenty of airports along the way just in case (and lets face it this is a long day and it better be a good one). Watch it around the river the Hudson isn't the greatest source of lift. At the 2nd turnpoint make sure you go all the way to Gap view, if you turn around at Blairstown you will come up short by about 10KM.

1st Turnpoint: Kingston

Full Airport Info: 20N
Elevation: 149ft
Runway: 15/33 (3100ft)

Task Info:

Distance: 318.67KM (198.01sm/171.95nm)

1st Leg: 06N - 20NL
True Course: 30
Mag Course: 43
Distance: 71.2KM (38.4nm)

2nd Leg: 20NL - 49PA
True Course: 218
Mag Course: 232
Distance: 158.7KM (85.7nm)

3rd Leg: 49PA - 06N
True Course: 44
Mag Course: 57
Distance: 88.8KM (48.0nm)

Checkpoints show NM remaining

2nd Turnpoint: Gap View

Full Airport Info: 49PA
Elevation: 780ft
CTAF/UNICOM: n/a - Pvt
Runway: NW/SE (1800ft)

Use the Task Planner to prepare your declaration forms.