Blairstown-Middletown Boomerang

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Details for the 2010 Boomerang coming soon.

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The Boomerang: is a friendly inter-club competition intended to provide a little incentive for some weekend X-C fun.

The Boomerang itself is an actual Aussie Boomerang, small enough to stick under the seat cushion of your glider with only minor posterior discomfort. The objective is simple, if the other club has it - Go Get It and Bring it Home!

The course from Middletown to Blairstown is 71KM with landable terain and serveral good airports along the way so it's safe and more than adequate to earn your Silver Distance. Equally importantly, you'll be saving your club from the shame of losing the Boomerang at the end of the year!

Scoring:Each club accumulates points based upon the number of sucessful captures it makes as follows:

Glider Type Caputure Only Capture & Return New Silver Bonus
Low Performance(SGS 1-34/equivelent or below) 2 point 3 points 2 points
High Performance(Greater than SGS 1-34/equivelent) 1 point 2 points 1 point

At the end of the year the club with the most points will be awarded the Boomerang Trophy and bragging rights for the year.

An Extra Incentive: Free tow! Both clubs have agreed that if you land and capture the Boomerang they will provide a free 3000ft tow should you want to attempt to fly home. Obviously if you arrive as a fleet there is only one free tow and if you neglected to actually check where the Boomerang was before you started and your club already has it... after youv'e been suitably ridiculed you buy the tow!.

So if you need a little extra incentive to complete that Silver Distance here it is, or if you just have nothing better to do - here's a reason to actually declare a goal next weekend and go somewhere. If you are luckly maybe they'll even have the grills fired up at Randall.

Still need some inspiration?: Read Prior Year Boomerang flight logs and some of the pilots stories from their previous Boomerang flights: Previous Boomerang Flight Log Archive

Useful Information:

Blairstown:   Ron Caruso
Middletown: Alasdair Crawford