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Membership Information
Note - The club is affiliated with the Soaring Society of America, as a chapter and all Members shall become a member of the said society. Annual SSA membership dues are $75 ($45 Juniors).  All rates subject to change without notice.
There are four classes of membership available:

Active Member
Active (full) membership entitles the holder to all unlimited flying priviliges at regular club rates. There is a one time initiation fee of $300. Monthly dues are $47.

Associate Member
Associate membership is limited to persons who, for reasons determined by the board are not able to participate in Club activites on a regular basis. Associate members may fly club aircraft on up to four(4) times per year at regular Member rates. There is a annual membership fee of $58 for associate members. Associate members do not pay monthly dues.

Junior Member
Junior membership is reserved for persons age 22 or under who are enrolled full time in a school or college. There is a one time membership fee of $50. Monthly dues are $20