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Soaring Facts and Records:

  • There are over 20,000 FAA licensed glider pilots in the US, over 100,000 world wide.
  • Soaring exists in every state in the nation including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • National Distance record - Out and return 1023.42 miles, April 25, 1983 flown by Thomas Knauff from Ridge Soaring, PA.
  • National Altitude Record - 49,009 ft, February 17, 1986 flown by Robert Harris from California City, CA.
  • World Speed Record over 100KM triangle - 135.09 mph, March 3, 1997 flown by James M. Payne from California City, USA.

  • The Soaring Society of America, Inc, formed in 1932 to promote the sport of soaring, acts as an 'umbrella' organization for soaring in the United States.  The SSA represents the collective interests of its members – individuals, clubs, chapters, and businesses.

Valley Soaring Club is proud to be an affiliated chapter of the SSA. Click here for the SSA web site