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Rides and Introductory Packages

Valley Soaring Club offers two inexpensive ways for you to experience the joy of soaring.

Introductory Rides:
Our introductory rides give you the opportunity to fly with an FAA certified commercial pilot or instructor. Choose from either our basic trainer or high performance glider. A rugged single engine tow plane will tow you to approx 2500 feet above ground level (AGL) where you will pull the release and experience free flight! 

4 Flight Experience Package:
This package is intended for the individual who is seriously considering pursuing this sport further. The package consists of 4 training type flights with an FAA certified commercial pilot, rental of the aircraft and aero tow fees to 2000ft. Flights can be taken over any period of time, but must be used within 1 year of purchase. This one-time, non-transferable package provides the holder with temporary and limited access to club resources.

The package is designed to give you enough time experiencing the sport of soaring to decide whether it's something you want to pursue. If you decide that soaring is for you, you may join the club so that you can continue your formal training and earn a pilot certificate or add a glider rating. It could be the first step to a life-time of soaring. Several of our members started out in the sport this way.

Gift Certificates are also available. For pricing click here